Quality baby and toddler products with a touch of luxury. Approved by real mums.

Hello and welcome, I’m delighted that you’re browsing through my store! I’m Denise, the creator of Little Archer & Co. and I’m a practical, busy working mum and an advocate for safe, quality products for children and families.  

Originally from the UK, I now very happily call Australia’s Sunshine Coast home and lap up the sun-filled, laidback lifestyle whenever I can. My son and I love to make our own fun, get outdoors on our bikes for a ride, but also frequently enjoy crazy dance sessions in the living room!

When it comes to kids and business I am focussed on value and quality. I believe all families should be able to enjoy safe, beautiful baby and toddler products and accessories, with a touch of luxury at an affordable price.

The idea for Little Archer & Co. was born in 2017 from the inspiration of my own motherhood journey, and the business began shortly after the birth of my son, the original little Archer. I opened this store so that I could help other families find quality products for their babies and toddlers while also supporting my own family. 

As a new mum I couldn’t believe the scope of products available for babies, priced from a few cents to thousands of dollars with varying levels of importance and necessity (I’m looking at you, gorgeous shoes that baby will grow out of in one month!). 

Preparing for mum-life I didn’t know what I’d come to rely on every day or what would sit on a shelf and never be used. I didn’t know what was worth spending money on or what I should even be looking for in a good baby product. Then when motherhood began, I tried almost every product under the sun to find what worked for me and my son. I was surprised at the varying quality of products and varying standards of safety, and just how much money you can sink into all things baby related. 

I know parents don’t always have the time, funds or patience (that sleep deprivation is so real!) to shop around for good products to support their baby and parenting journey. This is where Little Archer & Co. can help.

When everything else in your life feels new, out of your comfort zone and a little overwhelming, you can take confidence in Little Archer & Co. who have your back and provide only the best of what you need for your little family, at an affordable price. 

I hand select and test every single product that goes through our store to sign off on the safety, quality and usability. From the amount of support and padding in a baby nest to the sturdiness of a scooter, I have given everything you see in this store a thorough test run with my little Archer and only made it available to purchase if we both agree it’s great!

If I wouldn’t purchase a product and use it happily in my busy family life, then I won’t stock it. When you see the Little Archer & Co. label you can rest assured this is a tested and approved safe, beautiful, quality, sturdy and mum-approved product. 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about any of our Little Archer & Co. products. I’m happy to share my experience of them with you and provide any extra detail to help you feel confident in your purchase.