Reusable Breast Pads - Why You Shouldn't Be Breastfeeding Without Them

We are pleased to introduce our guest blogger and a loyal customer, Karis Howard. Karis has been using the Little Archer & Co. reusable breast pads since the birth of her first child a year ago and was eager to share her experience. She also provides lots of information about using reusable breast pads in general which we are sure will be helpful for any nursing mums out there. Enjoy!

Why I prefer reusable breast pads more than disposable breast pads

I was given a box of disposable breast pads at my baby shower and didn't think much of it. I certainly think it's one of those items on the must-buy list that you don't understand the necessity of, until you're three days postpartum and your milk comes in. The cute nursery items are a lot more exciting on the day of the baby shower but it's the nursing pads that you will be reaching for, around the clock, especially in those early weeks of your breastfeeding journey. I was going through the disposable breast pads like they were going out of fashion. One week in and one box down already. My mother-in-law brought over some home-made washable, reusable breast pads and they were so much better! The fabric she had used was so much kinder to my very sore and sensitive nipples. However, they weren't absorbent enough so I was soaked-through after one let-down. No good! Back to the box of sandpaper nursing pads it was! It was then that I found the Little Archer & Co. reusable bamboo nursing pads. These my fellow Mums and new Mums-to-be, were a game-changer! I truly could not comprehend the absorbency! They are so thin and discreet, you can't see them through clothing yet they can hold so much milk! I am not kidding when I say, I had SO MUCH MILK. If I caught it, I would get at least 25mls from one free-pour let-down. These nursing pads are leakproof! Better yet, I could wash them and reuse over and over again. 

reusable breast pads

The Little Archer & Co. bamboo breast pads would make the perfect baby shower gift for breastfeeding Mums or if you're a new Mumma yourself, they are a necessity in your breastfeeding utility pack. As well as nursing pads, have some nipple balm, snacks, the TV remote, a portable phone charger and a water bottle! In fact, have water bottles all over the house! In my experience, the water bottle was always JUST out of reach!

How many reusable nursing pads do I need?

The best part about reusable breast pads? They are machine washable so you can reuse them time and time again! You certainly don't need as many as you would if you were using disposable nursing pads. However, for those early days when your milk is trying to regulate, I would suggest two packs of the Little Archer & Co. nursing pads. You could definitely make-do with one pack of 12 (six sets) but the last thing I wanted to do in that postpartum, sleep-deprived haze, was washing! 

reusable nursing pads

How long can you wear washable breast pads?

Even though the Little Archer & Co. breast pads are super absorbent yet fast-drying it is recommended that you change them regularly. It's likely that you will have cracked and sore nipples so you want to stop bacteria from breeding in the nursing pads by changing them frequently. Bacterial infections of the nipple can also cause mastitis so wearing fresh nursing pads will help reduce the risk of this.

What size reusable nursing pads do I need?

The Little Archer & Co. breast pads are a fantastic size! They are quite large and are comparable to the size of the disposable breast pads I was using. I had been handed down some other washable breast pads, seen in the video above. In comparison, the smaller pads were harder to keep in position so I definitely preferred the larger size. Unfortunately with the reusable nursing pads, there is no sticky section to keep them in place but this is truly not an issue with the Little Archer & Co. nursing pads.

How do I wash reusable nursing pads?

These little suckers can get caught up in all the other washing so I recommend using a wash bag. The Little Archer & Co. pads come with a complimentary wash bag as well as a cute little travel wet bag so that you can pack them in the nappy bag! Once the nursing pads are in the laundry bag, they are fine to put through a regular cycle. After washing my breast pads for six months they were still just as soft as the first time I used them!

wet bag for reusable breast pads

What are the benefits of reusable breast pads?

If I haven't convinced you already up to this point then read on.

1. Did I mention you can wash them and use them over and over again? And then use those same nursing pads for subsequent breastfeeding journeys? This will save you so much money and waste! What's not to love about being eco-friendly?

2. Not only do these reusable breast pads prevent leakage but they are breathable and wick the moisture away from the nipple to keep the environment dry. 

3. Being cotton bamboo breast pads, they are ultra-soft and let me tell you, this matters! It's like a gentle hug from a cloud for those poor, sore nipples.

4. This is a biggy... I could not stain these breast pads as hard as I tried! I was using oily nipple balm after every feed and as I watched all the other donated nursing pads discolour and lose their absorbency from the ill treatment, the Little Archer & Co. breast pads did not waiver in quality, performance or appearance. They are still like brand new after what I am sure is hundreds of wears.

I am happy to promise you, you will not be disappointed if you purchase these reusable breast pads. As far as I am concerned, everyone needs them and there will not be a baby shower gift that I don't include them in, as long as Little Archer & Co. sells them!