What Is A Baby Nest & Do I Really Need One?

What is a baby nest?

A baby nest or often called a baby lounger, is essentially a portable baby bed, roughly the size of a pram bassinet. There are varying types of structures - some are referred to as baby pods or cocoons and you can strap the baby into them and tilt while some don't have sides. The Little Archer & Co. baby nest is made up of a comfortable yet sturdy foam base and has a 360 degree breathable cushion that wraps around the outside to mimic the mother’s womb. It’s made up of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials and is perfectly lightweight to allow you to move it around the house or pack up into the car for adventures out and about with your little one.

What is the purpose of a baby nest?

The bulk of the use of my baby nest when I had a newborn baby was to have a safe place outside of the baby’s bassinet to put him down when I needed to use my hands. I could cart it around the house with me and pop it on the lounge or the floor in any room, keeping him nearby. We would also use it for him to take naps in during the day.

napping in a baby nest

When bub wasn’t napping in the nest, we used it as a great alternative to a play mat in those early days when he wasn’t ready to be out in the open. A newborn baby feels more comfortable in a smaller and cosier space. We often used it for tummy time. As a first time Mum, it was comforting to know that there was a soft platform to protect his head as it bopped up and down with very little control.

Baby having tummy time on Little Archer & Co. newborn nest

I think that is the best part about investing in a baby nest - it’s so versatile. It doesn’t just have to be somewhere the baby sleeps.

Benefits of a baby nest

  • As we have already covered, the nest can be used for daytime naps. All baby nests are not intended for overnight sleep. It is recommended that the baby only has daytime naps in the nest so that they can be supervised. It’s a great option for naps especially when out of the house, perhaps visiting friends or even outdoors.

    Baby sleeping in Little Archer & Co. navy nest

baby nest travel naps
  • You can take the nest on holidays and will have a familiar environment for you little one to doze off in. The portable bag that comes with the nest makes it very easy to carry around.

  • A mobile and easy-to-transport play mat alternative, great for play time, tummy time or just lounging around at home or while out and about.

    play in baby nest
  • The Little Archer & Co. baby nest has an adjustable cushion base so it can grow with your baby and be used for up to eight months. So you will get a lot of use out of it.

    expandable baby nest

  • The baby nest has a removeable cover that is machine washable. This is so important when we are talking about kids being near or coming into contact with anything!

    how to wash a baby nest

Are baby nests safe?

As mentioned, baby nests are only considered safe for supervised naps. This is so that you can see the baby and intervene if they happen to roll over or press their face against the sides of the nest. Although the sides are a light, breathable cushion, The Red Nose Foundation will only recommend that babies sleep on their back, on a firm, well-fitting & flat base with no soft, padded sides. A flat, firm mattress is used in our nests and in line with The Red Nose Foundation, to reduce the risk of SIDS we recommend:

  • always putting baby to sleep on their back

  • watching to make sure that your bubba stays on their back and turning them back over if they do roll

  • keeping your bub uncovered by not putting any blankets, sheets or toys in the nest with them for sleeping

Do I REALLY need a baby nest?

It might seem like a luxury item, especially to new parents who are overwhelmed with an endless list of baby products they need to buy. However, we have lived it and know that the convenience the baby nest provides, its multipurpose use will pays dividends. You also only need to buy it once and can reuse it for future bubs. It’s a great item to request as a baby shower gift or a great gift to give for a baby shower.

How do I choose the best baby nest?

The best baby nest, in our opinion, is one that provides great value for money and is made with safety in mind. We would consider this a nest that is as safe as possible - has a firm, flat base, is machine washable for longevity, is lightweight and foldable for easy transport and comes in a design that will suit your aesthetic. We truly believe that the Little Archer & Co. baby nest is the best value for money and you will not be disappointed.