Amazon's Favourite Baby Lounging Nest


  • Quality OEKO-TEX Certified Cotton
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Unique, modern design
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • 30-Day Guarantee from Amazon

Give Your Baby The Gift Of Comfort: Our Newborn Baby Nest Is The Ultimate Mum Hack

Amazon's Favourite Baby Lounging Nest


  • Quality OEKO-TEX Certified Cotton
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Unique, modern design
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • 30-Day Guarantee from Amazon

Mum Approved Newborn Baby Nest


Welcoming a newborn baby into your home is an exciting and joyous occaison, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. From ensuring that your little one is comfortable and safe, to finding ways to soothe them during those late night feedings, changing endless amounts of nappies and all the while operating on minimal sleep, taking care of a newborn can be overwhelming.

That's where a newborn baby nest comes in.  Our cozy and sofft nests provide a secure and comoftable place for your baby to rest, making it easier for them to lounge and play, giving you peace of mind.

The portable design of our nests also makes them perfect for traveling or takin gwith you on-the-go. With a newborn baby nest, you can enjoy the benefits of a safe and comfortable resting place for your baby, while also simplifying the challenges of caering for your newborn. You've got this Mumma!


Need a safe place to put your baby during awake time? Look no further than our top-rated baby nest!

Portable And Light

When on the go or visiting family, be sure to take your newborn nest with you, using the carry bag provided. Our nest is lightweight and easily portable, providing a familiar space and sense of security when not at home. All you need is a safe, flat and sturdy surface. 



Machine Washable

Adjustable Size

  • Hundreds of verified 5-star reviews

Must have for newborns!

Great purchase for a baby shower gift etc. I have bought 3 for different friends for their baby and they are so well received.

Highly recommend compared to other brands!

The Perfect Gift for a Newborn Baby

I purchased this as a baby shower gift for my daughter's newborn baby.

I recommend it a lot if you are looking for the perfect gift to bring to your baby shower invite. It's been so useful for my daughter's newborn and both she and the baby love it :)

Happy baby, happy mum!

Baby slept in it for over an hour the first time I put her in it after barely sleeping all day and usually contacting napping. Great quality and if baby is happy so am I! A lifesaver!

Great product for around the house and co-sleeping

Great value for money, very comfortable for my daughter we use it in the lounge and also at night she co-sleeps with us. We actually also purchased a similar nest (which is a very popular brand and twice the price) but still prefer the Little Archer and Co one for he r- she seems to stay asleep for longer in it compared to the other brand.

Great product. Would recommend.

A must for all newborns!

I can't express how much we love this lounger. Can be used for sleep as it has a firm foam base. We used it for sleep as my son didn’t like the bassinet. Also can be used for co sleeping which it what we did for the first 3 months.

I used it until my baby was 4 months old.

Best item I have spent money on.

So comfy, my daughter loves it. Slept like a dream!

Best item I have spent money on! Totally worth it.

Makes life much easier with a baby

Fantastic if you have a baby. Very handy and easy to transport between rooms. Very usefully when having dinner or when in the living room.

Seems very comfortable and our baby loves it.

Must have for every newborn... and exceptional customer wervice

A must for all expecting parents - comes with me everywhere my baby goes.

Denise was extremely prompt and helpful with any questions.  Thank you so much!

Worth it

I bought this after reading the reviews and i definately think my baby is sleeping longer in it.

He is comfortable and i have already recommended it to alot of friends.

Benefits Customers Love

  • Comfort: A newborn baby nest provides a cozy and comfortable place for your little one to rest, making them feel secure and snug.
  • Portability: The lightweight design of a baby nest makes it easy to move from room to room or take with you on the go, providing your baby with a familiar sleeping environment wherever you go.
  • Safety: A baby nest provides a safe sleeping space for your little one, with a secure and enclosed design that reduces the risk of accidents and ensures that your baby stays in one place.
  • Machine Washable: Can easily pop in the washing machine and air dry for repeat use.
  • Convenience: With a baby nest, you can have your baby close by while you attend to other tasks around the house, without having to constantly hold or carry them.
  • Improved Supervised Naps: The cozy and secure design of a baby nest can help promote better supervised naps, as they feel snug and secure in their sleeping space.
  • Transition Aid: A baby nest can be a useful tool for transitioning your baby from sleeping in a bassinet to a crib, as it provides a familiar and comfortable environment for them to sleep in.
  • Multi-functional: A baby nest can also be used as a safe and comfortable space for tummy time, playtime, and nappy changes.


Quality baby and toddler products with a touch of luxury. Approved by real mums.Hello and welcome, I’m delighted that you’re browsing through my store! I’m Denise, the creator of Little Archer & Co. and I’m a practical, busy working mum and an advocate for safe, quality products for children and families. Originally from the UK, I now very happily call Australia’s Sunshine Coast home and lap up the sun-filled, laidback lifestyle whenever I can.

My son and I love to make our own fun, get outdoors on our bikes for a ride, but also frequently enjoy crazy dance sessions in the living room! When it comes to kids and business I am focussed on value and quality. I believe all families should be able to enjoy safe, beautiful baby and toddler products and accessories, with a touch of luxury at an affordable price.

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